Jash P. Patel

hello world, this is Jash's site.

about me

  • most people call me JP or Jash (rhymes with blush)
  • running a startup, previously google & palantir
  • university of waterloo, studied cs + finance
  • travel a bunch for work + family; happy to meet up in
    SFO, YYZ, NYC, LHR, BOM, AMD, BLR (or layover wherever in between)


things i find interesting (and one link for each)

  • startups

    imo everyone should read Joel Spolsky's timeless piece explaining the core difference between a "startup" and a "business" [15m]

  • ai/ml

    [[pending as things are changing rapidly - if you're curious, let's chat!]]

  • math/cs

    3Blue1Brown explains the math behind bitcoin/blockchains in a way that is so simple, your uncle could understand, yet so in depth, a compsci student could recreate the protocol, all in one short video. [30m]

  • stats/data

    Nate Silver's fivethirtyeight tries a data-driven approach to the non-stop action that is American politics - in a podcast with Galen Druke, he dissects their aggregate model and discusses potential sources of polling error from the 2020 election. [1h]

  • biology

    Robert Sapolsky's human behavioral biology lecture series gives an incredibly insightful interdisciplinary examination of human behaviors such as aggression, depression and more. the first half can be dense, but his simian stories and corny jokes help keep the pace to a very worthwhile payoff [40h]

  • logistics

    Wendover Productions' explanation on how airlines schedule flights manages to stand out in the crowded space of "youtube explainers" - especially recommended for the friends/family who often do 1-stop north america <> india [10m]

  • finance

    Matt Levine's explanation of the gamestop short squeeze is both enlightening and genuinely funny, par for the course in his weekly column [30m]

  • geopolitics

    still trying to qualify Peter Zeihan's de-globalization worldview - but he's an engaging speaker and paints a convincing narrative [60m]